Facial Care

At Paramount we pride ourselves on providing expert facial care. Facial services are determined using professional skin analysis and consultation to determine personal needs and goals. Paramount's extensive facial menu utilizing the best in European Skin Care technology allows for a variety of needs and budgets. A personal Skin Care Specialist will consult and advise on a treatment or course of treatments to best serve each individuals current needs and concerns.

Skin care collections available at Paramount are:
Vie, Guinot, Yon-Ka, Babor and Cosmecology.


DermaSweep: Microdermabrasion   $155

Microdermabrasion is a skin-revitalizing treatment that reduces early signs of aging, helps repair skin that is damaged from the sun, scars, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and revitalizes dull skin. A full relaxing facial treatment is included with your treatment.

DermaSweep offers the latest innovations in particle-free microdermabrasion and revolutionary patented treatment bristle tips for tailored and optimal results. Our trained estheticians use a gentle abrasion with suction to remove the dead, outer layer of skin in order to stimulate and reveal new healthy skin underneath. This increases blood flow, which encourages collagen formulation thus firming and toning the skin.

Recommended as a course of 6 treatments.   Series Pricing Available.

Series of 4 Treatments for $550
Series of 6 Treatments for $800

Pro-Collagen DermaSweep   $190

Softens lines and wrinkles and firms the skin with collagen stimulating ingredients and customized DermaSweep treatment. 

Recommended as a course of 6 treatments.   Series Pricing Available.

Series of 4 Treatments for $680
Series of 6 Treatments for $1000

Anti-Pigmentation DermaSweep   $175

Paramedical ingredients and customized DermaSweep treatment reduce pigmentation leaving the skin bright and radiant, with anti-aging benefits. 

Recommended as a course of 6 treatments.   Series Pricing Available.

Series of 4 Treatments for $630
Series of 6 Treatments for $925

Vie Collection

An exclusive Medical-Based Brand. Vie effectivley corrects the visible signs of skin aging thanks to benchmarck active agents and innovative ingredients used in professional concentrations. Vie products and treatments are at the forefront of cosmetic science that guarantee visible proven effectivemess on the youth of the skin.

Mesoforce Revitalizing Plumping Treatment    $140

Inspired by mesotherapy to revitalize the skin and prevent skin aging. 

3D Wrinkle Beauty Treatment    $150

Inspired by the Botox injections to correct expression lines caused by the contaction of facial muscles (frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet) and by hyaluronic acid injections to fill deep wrinkles. 

L-Therapy Treatment    $145

Inspired by the precision of lasers to visibly act on uneven pigmentation (dark spots, scars, and spider veins) and the benefits of LED to visibly act on the skin firmness and quality (evenness and radiance). 


Men's Hydrating Facial Treatment   $130

Designed for Men's Unique Skin Needs.

Men's Anti-Age Facial Treatment   $145

Designed for Men's Unique Skin Needs with a focus on anti-aging.

Back Treatment $90

Deeply Cleanses, Exfoliates, and Hydrates the Back, Neck and Shoulders.


Guinot Institut Paris

Offering treatments that are unique in the world, Guinot was the first to create skincare products containing the 56 active biological ingredients fundamental to cellular life.

Hydradermie Lift $140

The Ultimate in Anti-Age Skincare Treatments. Create a natural temporary facelift effect by lifting features through facial muscle stimulation.

Hydradermie Lift Eye $60 - Add to any facial for $40

Rejuvenates the Eye Area.

Age Logic Eye $75 - Add to any facial for $45

Eye contour treatment that treats wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. 

Hydra Sensitive $135

Specifically designed to sooth redness and skin sensitivities.

Hydradermie $130

Deep Cleansing and Hydrating with the use of Ionization

Acnilogic $115

Specific for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin.

Age Summum $110

Manual dermabrasion exfoliation with Pro-Collagen to reduce the signs of aging.  

Hydra Clean  $60

A lunch hour treatment (45 min). The patented Thermoclean Electrode is used for a deep cleansing and hydrating treatment that leaves your skin glowing .  


Yon-Ka Paris

Using essential oils and botanical extracts, Yon-Ka aromatic treatments invite you on a voyage to a land of harmony, balance and plentitude. Drawing strength from nature, Yon-Ka offers treatments that slow the effects of time and provide a complexion that is radiant.

Vital Stimulastine $145

Advanced Anti-Wrinkle, Restructuring Facial Treatment.

Optimizer $140

Lifting & Firming Facial Treatment.

Alpha Vital $135

Resurfacing, Radiance Boosting Facial Treatment.

Vital Elastine $135

Soothing, Anti-Wrinkle, Restructuring Facial Treatment.

Vital Defense $120

Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Pollution Facial Treatment.

Hydralessence $135

Deeply Hydrating, Cleansing Facial Treatment.

Soin Pureté $120

Corrective, Healing Facial Treatment.

Escale Beauté $70

Refreshing, Cleansing, Introductory Facial.

Eye Contour Add-on $20

Add a wonderful eye stress relief treatment to your Yon-Ka Facial Treatment.