Giving Back in May

During the month of May Paramount will be donating a portion of all Skin Care and Facial Treatment sales to Elmwood Residences in memory of Ellen Gaunt. 

This initiative was to celebrate Ellen’s two lifelong passions: Skin Care and Giving Back to the Community. 

Ellen was our “Queen Mom” at Paramount. She was the driving force towards bringing esthetics to Saskatoon. She owned and operated Paramount from 1968 – 2000 and continued to work with us and offer facial treatments up until February 2020, just short of her 96th birthday. Ellen passed away in June 2020. 

Ellen’s love for her community was evident in her volunteer work with numerous organizations. She was always an active advocate for those with special needs. Elmwood Residences was and continues to be an important organization to Ellen and her family. 

Who is Elmwood Residences?

Elmewood is a service provider supporting individuals experiencing intellectual disabilities in Saskatoon. 

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